Hi, I am Chris! I created this blog for me and my wife Lampiana, in order to express our passion about home. We spend hours per week searching for decor ideas and home tips. Moreover I like searching for cleaning tips and could make our life easier. We will both share everything with you, so please stay tuned! Enjoy!

We love modern decorated houses therefore we present you an incredibly designed house located in Barcelona, Spain.

Now that winter is bidding us adieu and spring is ready to welcome all of us, you must give your home a makeover for spring. There are plenty of ideas for decorating your home in spring 2016. 

IKEA Besta is one of the most selling wall mounted units ever introduced by IKEA. Cheap and quality solution that is also very well designed.

We use the kitchen sponge to clean the dirty counter, the table and also the stains on the floor. The kitchen sponge contains thousands of bacteria and therefore, it is very essential to clean the kitchen sponge effectively. 

Many of our favorite clothes become spoiled by some stubborn stain that refuses to go even after washing them countless times. 

There are some foods which you should never store in a refrigerator. Although the refrigerator helps us in preserving foods safely, there are some foods that do not respond at all to lower temperatures. 

There are some wonderful ways by which you can decorate your house in Easter 2016.

It is a nuisance when you find ants in every corner of your house. In the kitchen or in the bedroom, ants seem to be present everywhere. 

Allergens are dangerous substances that results in allergies. The list of allergens includes house dust, feathers, spores, plant pollens etc. However, there are some ways by which you can lessen allergens at home.