Hi, I am Chris! I created this blog for me and my wife Lampiana, in order to express our passion about home. We spend hours per week searching for decor ideas and home tips. Moreover I like searching for cleaning tips and could make our life easier. We will both share everything with you, so please stay tuned! Enjoy!

The kitchen gets messy too quickly and it feels annoying to spend hours in a messy kitchen. On the other hand, an organized kitchen looks good and makes you feel better. 

If you love your cat, but want a chic and attractive home, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. You can choose furnishings and other items in your home that will withstand the presence of a live-in cat. 

If you do much gardening or lawn work, you have probably accumulated a number of tools that help with the work. 

While you may think that decorating your home for the holiday season is a matter of red and green ribbons and wreathes, it is helpful to be more selective in using Xmas 2016 home decor themes when planning your designs. 

With a growing recognition of the dangers of pollution of water sources and soil caused by chemicals, more and more people are turning to natural products to clean. 

We all need to know some simple and easy home organizing tips. Wardrobe organizing is one of the most important elements of home organization. 

Festive table decoration is an art. You need to unleash your creativity in table organization in festivals such as Christmas. 

There are many wonderful winter decoration ideas that can make your living room look warm and pleasant during the winter. Warm home interiors can help you to relax comfortably in your home from the chilly weather outside. 

Candles can create the most beautiful ambiance for occasions such as Christmas. There are plenty of candle decoration ideas that you can follow for your Christmas decor 2015.