Hey there! I am Lampiana. Home decor blogger for about 3 years. I love everything that has to do with decoration, home tips and tricks, some DIY (my husband Chris is dealing mostly with this) and gardening since i love flowers. I try to find simple and mainly cheap ways to decorate your home which i will share with you for sure! Welcome to our family blog!

Are you ready to revamp your wall decor? Bored of your white painted wall. Give a rustic style to your home decoration by using IKEA Tundra floor panels.

If you want the flowers of your vase to look fresh and blooming always, you must know a few tricks to keep flowers fresh in a vase. 

20 lovely ideas to decorate your fireplace. Take a look at the photo gallery and choose the one that corresponds to your taste!

A well-organized and functional home office is one of the popular DIY projects about home or apartment settings. 

Decorate your "home sweet home" with unique and attractive decorative items, ideas and accessories. Home is considered to be the most comfortable place of the world where one can enjoy everything from liberty to just being yourself. It is the place where we can relax after a long working and recharge your batteries for the next day.

If you do your own cleaning chores, organizing the supplies is an important part of the process. You will find that the cleaning chores are less onerous if you organize your cleaning supplies correctly. 

There are some wonderful home cleaning tips that can save you a lot of time. You need to know a couple of home cleaning hacks so that you can easily clean your house. 

If the weather is extremely cold, then you have to follow some winter gardening tips to preserve your plants in the cold season. 

Front load washing machine cleaning is an integral part of home cleaning. You must know a couple of home cleaning hacks which would help you in cleaning your front load washing machine.

At Christmas, most people get busy decorating the Christmas tree, the mantle and the yard. However, you cannot forget your dining room table when you are decorating for Christmas.