Clever and beautiful DIY by reusing an old newspaper

Clever and beautiful DIY by reusing an old newspaper
30 Aug

In my house there used to be a pile of old newspapers. Now i have found some clever ways to reuse and recycle them. Can you imagine some of them?

In my living room we have a cupboard with old newspapers and magazines. For a long time i used to pile them and not reuse them, ending up in the garbage. DAMN WRONG !

I have came up to some ideas in order to Reuse and Recycle them instead of throwing them away. Which are these ways? Let's see one by one :

Use it as a wrap for your presents

Instead of using a glossy paper, use an old newspaper. Old news might be eye-catching to the new owner of the gift.

Moreover the view and feel of the newspaper wrap (or even magazine) can be "alternative" and a bit retro style. Give it a try, we thing you will love it as we do!

diy old newspapers


Give a new look to your fruit bowl

  1. Cover the bowl with a tight layer of a stretch film. 
  2. Glue the top edges with an adhesive tape.
  3. Cut newspaper strips (about 20cm wide).
  4. Use some mod podge glue. Apply a thin layer on the bowl's exterior, over the stretch film layer.
  5. Now apply one by one the newspaper strips, until you cover the surface completely.
  6. Let it dry for about an hour or so.
  7. Apply a second layer of mod-podge glue over it.
  8. Let it dry overnight

Ready to use your new beautiful fruit-ball !


diy old newspapers


Keep your boots non-smelly

As you know many shoes, especially boot-style, can produce bad odours. This is caused either from our feet, or from bad shoe quality. We can remove this odours by adding newspaper balls in it. 

The paper will absorb all odours and extra humidity, providing you a "healthy" shoe to wear. Keep in mind, that in the case of women boots, the paper balls will keep the shape of the boot without letting it bend!

diy old newspapers



Clean your windows

As you may know, newspapers have a high paper fiber density. That's the reason why they clean the windows so well without leaving any residues! Try it out and you will see the stunning results.

diy old newspapers


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