7 home decoration ideas for Fall 2015

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22 Sep

With the advent of autumn, you know that your house needs a makeover. It is the time to bring some warmth and colors in the rooms of your house. 

With some great autumn home decor ideas, you can give a new look to your house. Let’s look at some amazing home decoration ideas for Fall 2015:

Seasonal wreaths

Make some beautiful seasonal wreaths and hang them in your living room. The wreaths would bring the flavor of Fall in your room.

fall wreath 2015

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Autumnal colors

The colors of autumn are orange, red and yellow. Include them in abundance in your house in Fall 2015. It works as a great living room decoration. Cushions, throw pillows, flowers and accessories of autumnal colors would look great in your house.

fall interior decor

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Vintage details

Another great home decor idea for Fall 2015 is to add vintage details to your room. You can display beautiful fall foliage on a vintage mahogany dresser in your dining room. It would look great and would grab the attention of anyone visiting your house.

vintage fall decor 2015

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Crabapple branches

You can arrange a couple of crabapple branches for your home décor. You have to just strip the leaves off the branches before putting them in a glass vase. By doing so, you highlight the fruits which are the most beautiful feature of this plant. For a great visual, place the branches in vases of different sizes.

branches fall decor 2015

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Paint pumpkins

You can create some amazing designs on pumpkins by using painter’s tape and acrylic paint. You have to bisect a pumpkin carefully with a strip of painter’s tape for a two-tone. Now, use a brush and cover one section of the pumpkin by applying 2 coats of acrylic paint. After applying each coat, allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Remove the tape. Then repeat the process for painting the remaining half of the pumpkin. The painted pumpkins work as a great accessory for home decor.

pumpkin fall decor 2015

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Natural elements

You can bring the fall indoors by adding natural elements in your living room. This is one of the easiest and the best home decoration ideas for Fall 2015. Add a few pumpkins, fall foliage, crabapple branches and oak leaf stems for creating a perfect ambiance.

autumn home decor 2015

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Pomegranate centerpiece

You can create some beautiful pomegranate centerpieces for Fall 2015. These autumnal centerpieces look stunning and serve as the perfect home decor accessory in autumn.

pomegranate fall decor 2015


These are some wonderful home decoration ideas for Fall 2015 that you must try. These autumn home decor ideas will surely convert your house into a beautiful paradise.


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