Candle decoration for Christmas 2015

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26 Jan

Candles can create the most beautiful ambiance for occasions such as Christmas. There are plenty of candle decoration ideas that you can follow for your Christmas decor 2015. 

Xmas candle decoration is an art. You just need to buy some Christmas candles. With a little creativity, you can easily create some great centerpieces for your house using Christmas candles. Let’s look at some easy and beautiful candle decoration ideas for your Xmas decor 2015:

  1. Votive Wreath Candles: In order to make votive wreath candles, you need 6 hour votive candles, individual tart pans and candle rings. You can get all these materials at kitchen-supply or craft stores. You need to place each candle in each tart pan. Then, top it with a nice candle ring. You can feature the votive wreath candles along the fireplace mantel of your house or at place settings. This centerpiece looks great on a dining room table or a coffee room table. The warm glow of the beautiful candles will give a cozy feel to your Christmas 2015.

  2. Holiday Centerpiece: In order to make the holiday centerpiece, you need large 3-wick pillar candle, glass fruit bowl and holiday-colored potpourri. You need to place the large 3-wick pillar candle in the centre of the fruit bowl. Surround the candle with a potpourri. Add evergreen pieces or dried fruit pieces as additional decor. You would just need a few minutes to make this arrangement.

  3. Last minute centerpiece: In order to make this centerpiece, you need a wall mirror, 3-pillar candles and fresh cranberries. Take the candles and place them on the mirror surface. Surround with cranberries. This beautiful centerpiece looks great on a kitchen countertop or on the coffee table.

  4. Decorative outdoor candle: You would need mason jar, thin wire, needle-nose pliers, some amount of sand, 6-hour candle, artificial greenery and long matches to create the decorative outdoor candle. You need to wrap the thin wire in layers around the rim of your mason jar. Then, tighten with pliers. Pour some sand into the glass. Place the candle in the mason jar in such a way that it stands on the sand bed. Then, insert artificial greenery between the thin wire and rim of the mason jar. Light the candle with long matches. This decoration would look great on a walkway, hanging from trees or from a fence post.

These are some beautiful candle decoration ideas for Christmas 2015. These candle centerpieces would surely create a wonderful ambiance in your house.


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