Easter 2016 home decor ideas

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03 Feb

There are some wonderful ways by which you can decorate your house in Easter 2016.

Let’s look at the Easter decor ideas 2016:

1. Sugar eggs

You can make sugar eggs for Easter 2016. These panorama sugar eggs are inspired from the Victorian era. The palette of pastels is created with drops of food coloring. The sugar eggs can be left as decoration items. They can also be hollowed out properly to become cute containers for treats.

2. Candleholder

Wooden egg candle holders are one of the most beautiful accessories for Easter. Make sure that you paint the wooden egg candle holders in vermilion paint. You can place the candle holders on the mantel.

3. Red Eggs Wreath

Making a red eggs wreath is one of the best Easter decor ideas 2016. You need to glue the red scarlet eggs to a silvery wood wreath. The red eggs wreath will exude a very welcoming and inviting feel. You need to dye the eggs red. You can use both quail eggs and hollowed chicken eggs.

4. Crepe Paper Bunny

You can create a surprise ball bunny for your Easter party. Kids will love the crepe paper bunny. Let them unravel the crepe paper strips and find little trinkets hidden there.

5. Bunny carts

Bunny carts can be the perfect Easter table centerpieces. Include a few bunny carts for enhancing your Easter 2016 home decor.

6. Rose basket made of crepe paper

This is another beautiful Easter decor ideas 2016. A rose basket made of crepe paper will look beautiful in Easter. Keep a few golden eggs in the rose basket.

7. Crepe Paper carrots

Touches of spring are a must for your Easter 2016 home decor. One of the most cheerful decors that you can include in Easter 2016 is crepe paper carrots. They are made of colorful paper streamers. Display a basket full of crepe paper carrots as a centerpiece.

8. Daffodil Candy Cups

You can make daffodils from flower cutouts and baking cups for your Easter table. If you want to use the daffodil candy cups as place cards, you should write the names of your guests on the petals.

9. Egg Garland

You can place a beautiful egg garland on your mantel mirror. Use various colors to paint the eggs.

10. Grass candles

Bring some greenery indoors for your Easter 2016 home decor. Embellish your pillar candles with a few blades of grass.

These are some simple and amazing Easter decor ideas 2016 which you must follow for organizing a beautiful Easter party.


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