6 more tips to make a small room look bigger

6 more tips to make a small room look bigger
30 Sep

You can make your small room look bigger by following a couple of home decoration tips. It may look difficult but sometimes you just need to find the easy and practical way to achieve it.

Small apartment decoration is no more a hassle. With some smart home decoration and design tricks, you can make a small room look bigger. Let’s look at some of the tricks that would help you to design your small apartment in the perfect possible way:


  1. If you have a small living room, then you can enhance and visually expand it by covering the walls and ceiling in various shades of sea glass tones. You should also use properly scaled furniture to make the small room look bigger. The style is contemporary and your living room would look great. This is one of the most effective home decoration tips that you must employ if you have a small apartment.

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  2. If you have a small living room, then don’t opt for common furniture arrangements. They won’t look great. You can consider using console tables instead of end tables. If you place mirrored console tables in front of the two windows of your living room, then you would get some extra surface space for placing table lamps. Moreover, this arrangement would look great and will make your small room look bigger.

  3. Opt for console tables that are light, airy and have integrated drawers. You can easily keep your everyday necessities out of your sight with the help of a console table with drawers.

    smallspaces decor ideas thehomelovers

  4. Oversized mirrors reflect light and therefore, they make the smaller spaces feel larger than what they actually are. You can choose an architectural-style oversized mirror for your small house that would create the illusion of an extra door or window. This home decoration tip would help you to make a small room look bigger.

  5. You can also use a couple of decorative mirrors if you have a small living room with a cramped entryway. It would keep the room bright. You can install a trio of antique mirrors to reflect your small living room and make it look bigger.

    smallspaces decor ideas thehomelovers

  6. If you have a small room and you know that your space is limited, then you should choose multipurpose furnishings for your home. Instead of a standard coffee table, use an upholstered storage ottoman that can be used both as a table and as an extra seating. The ottoman would also help you to hide your clutter discreetly.

These are some great small room decor tips that would make small room look big. So, if you own a small apartment and you are worried about its decoration, then follow the home decoration tips listed in this article.

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