Winter 2016 living room decoration ideas

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26 Jan

There are many wonderful winter decoration ideas that can make your living room look warm and pleasant during the winter. Warm home interiors can help you to relax comfortably in your home from the chilly weather outside. 

Winter home decor is all about warm fabrics, comfortable furniture, warm color shades and your favorite accessories that can create a cozy ambiance. Let’s look at some great winter decor ideas for your winter decor 2016:

1. Yellow paint color would look great in the living room of your house in winter. You can enhance and beautify the rich, warm yellow color by adding neutral color tones. There are some combinations that work great for winter home décor such as the combination of light yellow paint and furniture or accessories in deep red colors. Your living room would look warm and fabulous.

2. When you are choosing the interior decorating colors for your winter home decor, choose warm colors. Golden yellow and rich yellow paint color would create a happy sunshine feel in your living room. You can also choose the orange paint color that would make your living room look cheerful and optimistic. The red paint color looks intense and therefore it is also a great choice for your winter decor. When you would combine a warm interior decorating color with warm decor accessories, you would be able to have the perfect living room for winter 2016.

3. You can combine soft, warm color shades such as beige, light brown or ocher with rich wall paint. You can also opt for dark colored winter décor accessories to make a fine interior decorating statement. It will make your living room feel comfortable and cozy.

4. Replace your cushions, window curtains and table cloth for your winter home décor. Opt for handmade pillows and throws with embroidery or fabric appliqués. They look welcoming and decorative. Choose rich and heavy fabrics for your winter decor 2016 as they would make your living room feel warm.

5. One of the most important elements of winter decoration is lighting design. Add crystal chandeliers and large pendant lights to your living room for warmth and brightness.

6. You can also add table lamps and wall lights in warm color shades to fill your living room with warmth and comfort. Handmade lamp shades would create a more pleasant winter home décor. Choose your favorite patterns and colors for winter decoration.

These are some basic living room winter decoration ideas that you can implement for your home decoration 2016.


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