7 things that can keep your flowers more fresh in your vase

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11 Feb

If you want the flowers of your vase to look fresh and blooming always, you must know a few tricks to keep flowers fresh in a vase. 

It is obvious that you would want the flowers that your husband has gifted you to last longer. Therefore, let’s look at some of the ways by which you can keep flowers fresh:

1. Aspirin:

Before adding flowers to a vase, crush a tablet of aspirin and dissolve it in water. Every other day, trim off the stems a little bit so that the flowers can absorb the water. Aspirin is known for keeping flowers fresh for a long time.

2. Vodka:

Vodka can also keep your flowers fresh for a long time. Vodka inhibits the production of ethylene in plants that is responsible for wilting. However, do not forget to dilute the vodka. Add some drops of diluted vodka to the water. Also add a teaspoon of sugar. You can be assured that the vodka will keep the flowers fresh in your vase.

3. Bleach:

Bleach can be used for disinfecting germs that are scattered around your flower vase. Bleach can easily sterilize your flower vase. Moreover, bleach can prevent the flowers from wilting fast. It will also prevent the growth of molds in the water that results in a nasty color.

4. Copper Penny:

Copper is a great natural antibacterial agent. Therefore, you can put a few random copper pennies in the bottom of your flower vase to keep flowers fresh.

5. Sugar:

You can make homemade flower food by using sugar. Sugar can help the buds to open up. You can find the flowers blooming brighter with the addition of sugar. The flowers in vase stay fresh and blooming for a long time as sugar provides nutrients to the flowers. You can mix sugar with vodka, white vinegar, aspirin, bleach or fresh lemon juice to keep the flowers fresh for a long time.

6. Hair Spray:

Spraying hair spray on the cut flowers can make them look fresh for a long time. You should stand at least a foot away from the flower bouquet and give it a quick spray on the undersides of the petals and leaves.

7. Soda:

You can pour 1/4th cup of soda into the water in the vase. The sugar contained in the soda will keep the flowers fresh and blooming for a long time.

These are some simple ways by which you can keep flowers fresh in a vase.


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