How can you keep your plants watered while you are on vacation

How can you keep your plants watered while you are on vacation
22 Aug

Summer is definitely the season with the highest temperatures across the year. How can we take care about our home plants when we are on vacation? 

Plants need their care, especially during summer when watering should be more frequent (depending the type of the plant of course). Some people over-water their plants before leaving their house for vacation, but that's not the correct thing to do. Let's see some tricks that will help us preserve our plants during our absence.

A friend

That's a silly and obvious solution but is always effective. Tell a close friend to visit your place every two days in order to water the plants depending their needs. He or she will be the perfect solution since can also make a visual inspection rather just water them. From the other point of view, trust is a big matter, so you might want to skip this option. Let's go...!  

friend watering pots

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Self watering pots

That's a pretty good solution but may be a bit expensive. There are pots with auto watering system, that can preserve your plants for weeks. First make a good research on which type and model you should buy and then go for it. Check your budget and then decide. I thing that it worths spending the money because it is a safe and stress free method to keep your plants fresh and alive for many days.

self watering pot vacation

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The bath tube trick 

That's a trick widely used because of the humidity onside the tube.

  1. Place the already watered plants in the bottom of the tube.
  2. Place the bath tube tap and fill the tube with water reaching about 1 or 2 inches high.
  3. Don't let the plants touch the water straight away. Place something below each pot, so it keeps it just on the surface of the water. We don't want the soil to be always soaked. We need it to be close to a humidity source.

plant bathtube watering vacation

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In a bag

Keep the plant sealed in a clean bag.

  1. Put it there right after you have watered it.
  2. Open some small holes so oxygen can get through.
  3. Don't place the bag into straight sun light.

plant bag watering vacation 

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