Simple tips on how to preserve your plants in winter

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26 Jan

If the weather is extremely cold, then you have to follow some winter gardening tips to preserve your plants in the cold season. 

Plant care in winter is extremely necessary and you cannot ignore it. There are a couple of things that you can do for plant preservation in winter. Let’s look at some easy and simple winter gardening tips that can protect your plants from the chill in the air:

1. Bring the potted plants indoors: This is the easiest and simplest winter gardening tip. If you have any hanging basket or potted plants outdoors, then bring all of them inside your home. Place the potted plants in your living room as an element of interior decoration. They would get the heat and will also adorn your room.

  • You should place your potted plants, preferably near the window so that they can get adequate sun. The windows that face east and west generally get more sunlight.
  • Do not place the potted plants near vents. It would cause drying and the plants might perish.
  • If it is too cold outside, then placing the potted plants too close to the window can also be damaging.

2. Layer of mulch: Mulch works as a great insulator. In cold temperature, a layer of mulch can be used to protect the roots of the plants. Most of the times, the cold soil prevents the plant from drawing up water in the winter. Therefore, applying a thick layer of mulch can protect your plants.

3. Cover your plants: You can protect your plants from a few cold nights with the help of an old blanket. Carefully spread out the covering so that it doesn’t touch any branches or leaves of your plants. Use a few stakes to prop up the blanket properly so that it doesn’t damage the plant. Take off the blanket during the day so that your plants can get air and sunlight.

4. Water your plants: Water the soil heavily around your plants before a cold night. When the soil is wet, it can better trap the heat than when it is dry.

5. Build a greenhouse or a cold frame: You can build a temporary cold frame or a greenhouse to protect your plants during winter. However, you should make sure that the plants receive adequate ventilation in your cold frame or greenhouse.

You need to follow these winter gardening tips for plant preservation in winter. Do not neglect your plants during the cold season.


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