Tips for home and gardening tools storage

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28 Jan

If you do much gardening or lawn work, you have probably accumulated a number of tools that help with the work. 

Although you may have a garden shed or space dedicated for these tools in your garage, the tools can be a problem unless you have a system for taking care of them. Regardless of the number and size, you will have better results with your yard work if you follow these tips for home and gardening tools storage.

Large tools such as rakes and hoes can be affixed to wall hooks to keep them from falling over and damaging other items in the garage. Items like lawn mowers obviously take more room, but you don't have to remove the rakes from atop the mower before using it if you have a place for the rake on the wall. Smaller items can be placed on a pegboard or also stored using hooks. Most residences have areas that are void of any items. A good example is the tops of kitchen cabinets. You can easily place decorative bins, baskets or even shelf units in these areas for items that are not needed every day. Other common areas where there is space to fit stored items is on closet shelves. Many closets have a shelf above the hanging racks which may be two to three feet or more in height. This space can be effectively used for organized storage.

If you always ensure that your tools are cleaned before being put away, you will reduce deterioration of metal or plastic parts. Hoes that are rinsed off and allowed to dry before being put back in place will retain an edge longer. You may need to arrange for sharpening some tools periodically in order to ensure that they are working most efficiently. Some items will need to have a coating of oil to protect the surface.

Ensuring that tools are used safely is important. If you need fuel for motorized tools, store it in a safe manner so that children or pets don't have access to the product. Avoid the risk of fire or explosion by understanding and applying safe handling techniques.

Learning ways of storing water hoses is another fact of life for homeowners. Hose reels and similar devices make the task easier. If hoses are stowed properly, they won't deteriorate so quickly, thus saving money on replacement costs.

If you have a heavy investment in home and gardening tools, it's important to take care of them properly. Using racks or hooks to hang the larger tools on the wall and remembering to put them away clean sames time and effort. Remember to reduce the risks of fire or poisoning by properly storing flammable or combustible materials.


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