5 simple ways to organize your kitchen

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03 Feb

The kitchen gets messy too quickly and it feels annoying to spend hours in a messy kitchen. On the other hand, an organized kitchen looks good and makes you feel better. 

Kitchen organization is not too difficult if you know a few simple ways to do so. If you are really worried about how to keep your kitchen clean and organized, here are some tips for you

1. Don’t keep things in the kitchen that you don’t use

This is the first and the most important tip for kitchen organization. Many people overcrowd their kitchen with stuffs they don’t use. Many people keep things like the pasta machine and the fish steamer with a mindset that they might use it someday. Don’t keep these things in the kitchen if you are not using them enough. You can keep them somewhere else in your house.

Many people also keep plenty of cookbooks in their kitchen when in reality, they only use one or two of them. Therefore, in order to keep your kitchen clean, don’t keep things which you don’t use.

2. A drawer where you can store your 12 most used spices

In most kitchens, the spices are scattered all over the kitchen. It looks really messy. Designate a drawer where you can store the 12 spices that you use most frequently. Get rid of the spices that you don’t use. Store the spices in jars and put labels on them.

3. Work on arranging your cabinets and cupboards

Do not keep mismatched dishes in your cupboards. They make the kitchen look really messy. An organized set of dishes and bowls exude comfort and calmness.

The bottom shelf of your cupboard should hold the everyday items. The infrequently used pieces such as large bowls and pitchers should be kept on the high shelves. You can use metal risers to separate bowls from plates. Throw away the items that you don’t use or require. Your focus should be to keep your kitchen cupboard clean, clutter free and organized.

4. Only essential pots

Keep only the essential pots in your kitchen such as a saucepan, a good frying pan, a cast-iron skillet, a large sauté pan and a stock pot. Hang all of them from a ceiling-mounted rack except the stock pot.

5. Customize your pantry

Kitchen organization is incomplete without customizing your pantry. Stock the bottom shelves with cans and jars. Fill the top shelves with nuts and crackers. Keep sugar, flour and vanilla together so that you can find them easily when you decide to make cookies. You should always place together the related items.

If you follow these simple things, you can surely keep your kitchen organized.


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