Tips on how to organize your home cleaning supplies

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28 Jan

If you do your own cleaning chores, organizing the supplies is an important part of the process. You will find that the cleaning chores are less onerous if you organize your cleaning supplies correctly. 

Organizing the products means having the right supplies on hand and available to you where you need them. Here are some cleaning tips to assist in house cleaning efforts.

Safety of yourself and the members of your household is a critical part of supply storage. Don't keep products where children or pets can easily access them. Handling cleaning supplies safely is important. There are some steps that you can take to avoid risks in using the products. This may start with understanding the warning given on the labels.

With that knowledge, you can still make things easier on yourself. A plastic carrier that holds the needed products for the location that will be cleaned will save steps. For example, bathroom cleaning products shouldn't be stored in your pantry. Oven cleaners also shouldn't be stored with the food items.

Consider the number of cleaning products that you are using in your household. More specific products generally mean more cost without necessarily improving your cleaning results. Think about the types of surfaces that need to be cleaned and the type of unwanted soil that accrues. Cutting through grease may not need a product that removes grease from a stove top and another than removes grease from counter tops.

When you are cleaning a surface, don't mix products. You can accidentally create dangerous mixtures. For example, mixing household bleach and ammonia, both cleaning products, can create toxic fumes. This is more than chlorine gas. The combination will also produce hydrochloric acid and chloramine both of which can cause serious damage to the human body.

Organizing your cleaning product supplies will help you to stay safe when handling the products. It can reduce the costs of cleaning. You will also be able to track when you need to replenish the supplies that you use all the time. Saving steps will make the process of cleaning less time consuming and energy draining.

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