Cat friendly home decoration tips

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28 Jan

If you love your cat, but want a chic and attractive home, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. You can choose furnishings and other items in your home that will withstand the presence of a live-in cat. 

The health of your pet and the appearance of your home are each important. Here are some tips to help you enjoy sharing space with an active kitty.

Cats need exercise. The type of exercise that you select for them can make the difference between an overweight and sluggish tabby and one that is playful and fun to be around. If you want to provide a place for the cat to climb and jump, consider a planned stair step location high up in the room. There are specially designed bookcase units that allow room to place items, but also give the cat a path to jump up and survey her kingdom.

Perhaps the most frequent complaint about cats is that they claw the furniture. It is an instinctual and physical activity that is important to their well-being. Upholstered chairs will suffer from this behavior unless you enter a long and not always successful training process. Provide devices or areas where scratching is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Start this process with a scratching post, or platform. Using catnip as an incentive helps. Reward positive behavior rather than attempting to punish unwanted behavior.

Cat litter and litter tray cleaning is never a pleasant task. There are various ways of dealing with this in a home. Some cats can be trained to use a toilet. Others will not accept anything but litter. Use a good quality litter and a tray or device that is kept scrupulously clean. Choose a place where the cat has some privacy and where any odor will be inconsequential. Provide a mat or catch area around a tray so that litter is not tracked into other areas of the home.

If you have cat toys, be sure that they do not constitute a trip hazard for humans in the home. If you have a particular location where they are stored when not in use, safety is improved. Typically small toys will end up under the heaviest piece of furniture in the home and the largest and most expensive toys will be ignored for long periods.

If you choose the direction of the wall carefully, it will serve as a base for a cold frame. A stone wall warmed by the early spring sun can help you get tender plants started earlier in the year. As the temperatures in the soil are warmed, the plants can be transplanted to more open areas of the garden or beds.


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