9 foods that can clean your house instead of using chemicals

9 foods that can clean your house instead of using chemicals
03 Sep

Famous food that are not famous about their home cleaning capabilities. Let's introduce them one by one. Do they really clean?

Sometimes, food is not only for consuming it. There are a few ways with which can somebody clean his house more effectively than using normal cleaning solutions. We all know that chemical is usually more effective than natural, but we should also the natural way a try, in order to protect the environment and our health too.

To tell the truth, so far I have tried 4 out of 9 ways and it did work. I will definitely try all of them I need to do so. So which are the solutions I am talking about?


Banana Peel

Next time you eat a banana, keep the peel. You may use the soft interior part to rub your blur and dull silverware. Shine will return again and they will look almost as new ones.

banana silverware cleaning


Cucumber Peel

A cucumber peel is a very good cleaning solution. In has pretty much moisture in it, therefore while rubbing a stain (e.g. on a wall, table, mirror) it dissolves. So water and friction can turn a stubborn stain into an easy one ready to be removed.

Tip : Try to rub your bathroom mirror with a cucumber peel before you have a shower, in order to avoid any fogging !

cucumber peel home cleaning



Clean tarnished copper with ketchup. Take a clean cloth and pour a dab of ketchup on it. Rub your copper cooking pot or tea pot until the stains are removed. Unfortunately copper looses its luster after some years and we have to use different ways to bring the shine back to it.

Tip : Add some salt in the ketchup dab, that will do some peeling on the copper surface and help remove stains more easily.

ketchup cleaning



Clean your BBQ grill from burnt fat. Cut an onion in half without peeling it off (we don't want our hands to smell awful after cleaning) and carefully rub the grill.

Tip : It works better when grill is still hot (or even warm).

onion bbq cleaning



Scratched furniture? Cover and "nourish" the scratch by rubbing it with a walnut. Walnut oils will be absorbed by the scratch and then walnut by itself will cover and replace the missing wood. Afterwards rub the scratch gently with a clean cloth for a perfect finishing.

walnut furniture scratch



Stubborn stain from wine, blood or other oily substance? You should act immediately, otherwise there is no reason trying this solution. We need salt to absorb as much stain as it can therefore we should sprinkle the salt right after we got stained. Get rid of the dirty grains and refill the spot with extra clean salt. When the grains stop absorbing any substance, then it's time to stop! Cleaning with laundry will be much easier now.

Tip : Don't try to rub the stain with a wet cloth because that way you will just spread the stain!

salt home cleaning


Bread Slices

Use a bread slice to safely collect any broken glass particles. If there are a lot of pieces, dispose the slice carefully and use another one when it is almost full. Another use of a bread slice is to clean paintings in canvas effectively. Try it out!

bread slice glass cleaning



Use rice to clean coffee, salt and pepper grinders. Rice can effectively clean them because its grains are hard, crystal clear and small. Just add a portion of rice in the grinder and grind it completely. Finally clean the grinder with water and let it dry overnight.

rice home cleaning


Coke Cola 

I really can't say that Coke Cola is something natural but at least it can clean effectively a toilet. Just pour a can of Coke Cole in the toilet and let it for 30mins. Then pull the toilet flush while rubbing with the toilet brush.

coke cola toilet cleaning


Have you imagined these home cleaning hacks? Give them a try and send us your feedback! 


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