Cleaning tips with home made natural products

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28 Jan

With a growing recognition of the dangers of pollution of water sources and soil caused by chemicals, more and more people are turning to natural products to clean. 

No longer is it necessary to smell the chemicals for the house to be clean. Many “old-fashioned” products are just as effective as a supermarket full of specialized products for cleaning. Here are some tips about using natural cleaning products for your housecleaning chores.

Instead of a cupboard full of de-greasers, whiteners, stain removers and rust removal products, invest in a few basic ingredients that will appear in many of the home recipes for cleaning products. Specifically, these household items should include white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Ordinary borax is another key ingredient. You can use herbs or essential oils to make the products smell pleasant, but they don't necessarily improve the cleaning ability.

There are cleaning product tips for every room of the home. One of the simple tips that you can use to avoid harsh and caustic drain cleaners to is use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Regular use of this mix will prevent many of the clogs from building up. A weekly treatment with soda and vinegar takes only minutes and is very effective.

Another cleaning product that is good for removing grease and grime requires only three ingredients. Water, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice is easy to mix and all the ingredients are readily available. This home made product will clean surfaces and can also be adjusted to whiten clothing in the laundry cycle.

Olive oil can be used to replace various products. Olive oil will help to repair scratches and scuffs on leather furniture, or to preserve the surface of rattan or wicker furniture. This natural product will shine stainless steel and will remove paint from skin without any need for chemicals.

Switching to natural and home-based products will save money on your cleaning products. There is less negative effect on the world's water supply. The effectiveness of these products in many cases is just as dependable as the more costly manufactured products.

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