Foods that go bad when you store them in the refrigerator

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09 Feb

There are some foods which you should never store in a refrigerator. Although the refrigerator helps us in preserving foods safely, there are some foods that do not respond at all to lower temperatures. 

Thus, they lose their flavor and also get spoiled quickly when stored in a refrigerator. You must know which food goes bad when kept in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

Let’s look at the foods that go bad when you store them in the refrigerator:

1. Tomatoes

You should never store tomatoes in the refrigerator. The taste of tomatoes gets drastically affected when they are stored in a fridge. A chemical reaction is responsible for the distinct tart taste of tomatoes. This reaction gets disrupted when the tomatoes are exposed to cold temperature. Therefore, you must store tomatoes at room temperature.

2. Potatoes

You should never store potatoes in the refrigerator. The cold temperature can result in the starch to convert into sugar. Thus, the taste of the potatoes gets altered. Therefore, store potatoes in a cool place, but not inside the refrigerator.

3. Onions

Onions become soft when they are stored in the refrigerator. Moreover, keeping onions in the fridge makes everything in the fridge taste like onions, which can be unpleasant. Therefore, you should store them in a warm place that is away from direct sunlight.

4. Garlic

Just like onions, garlic becomes moldy and soft in the fridge. It also contaminates the other foods kept in the fridge with its distinct smell. Therefore, you should store garlic in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

5. Bananas

If you store bananas in a fridge, they will quickly become black. They will no longer be soft and ripe. Moreover, bananas also contaminate other products, especially butter with their distinct smell. Therefore, you must store bananas at room temperature.

6. Honey

If you store honey in the refrigerator, it will result in crystallization very quickly that will leave the honey with an unpleasant texture. Therefore, do not store honey in a refrigerator.

7. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges suffer from chill damage if they are exposed to cold temperature. Storing them in the refrigerator will disrupt the processes that are needed for ripening of the fruits. The fruit becomes dry and tasteless. Moreover, you can find dark spots on the skin of the fruits. Therefore, you should store citrus fruits at room temperature.
These are some of the most popular foods that go bad when you store them in the refrigerator.


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