How to clean your breadmaker

How to clean your breadmaker
22 Aug

Bread makers are nowadays in almost every kitchen. It's really cool tasting home made bread, but what about the cleaning process?

The easy and lazy way, is to leave the bread maker machine dirty after procedure has finished. It may be clean enough to make bread for one or two times more, but then you will may realize what the real problem is.

Breadcrumbs start to gather in small corners of the machine's interior. Moreover, chewy dough crumbles are also stuck on the bread maker's interior surfaces and parts. Most of them might be overcooked or burnt after several uses. This will make it even harder to remove.


So how do we do the cleaning ?

  1. Let bread maker cool down completely.
  2. Remove the canister and wash it on dishwasher.
  3. Take a bamboo skewer and remove all stuck dough or baked crumbles from difficult surfaces.
  4. Use a new & hard toothbrush for cleaning your bread maker. Keep it for later use. Brush off any remnants in the interior part of the machine.
  5. Remove any greasy leftover that would help breadcrumbs stick on it on a next use.
  6. Turn the machine upside down and shake it a bit, in order to remove any breadcrumb leftovers from the bottom.
  7. Clean the inner surfaces thoroughly using a cotton de-makeup pad slightly soaked with alcohol. 

breadmaker cleaning

Tips :

  • Follow these steps after each use. This will make cleaning a lot easier.
  • Cleaner bread maker means better hygiene and of course more tasty bread.
  • Cleaning your bread maker after each use, will make it last even longer, so you save more money! 

breadmaker cleaning


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