How to clean your front load washing machine?

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26 Jan

Front load washing machine cleaning is an integral part of home cleaning. You must know a couple of home cleaning hacks which would help you in cleaning your front load washing machine.

The front load washing machines are generally energy efficient. They use less amount of detergent than top-loaders. However, they often have a tendency to emit an unpleasant smell. Therefore, you need to clean your front load washing machine at least once a month. You must know some laundry machine cleaning tips to clean your washing machine perfectly. At first, you should know the things that you need to clean your front load washing machine. The things that you would need are as follows:

  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 2 cups vinegar
  • ¼ cup water
  • Scrub sponge

Now, you need to know the directions for cleaning your washing machine:

  • At first, you should mix together water and baking soda in a small bowl. This is your detergent for cleaning your front load washing machine. Then you should pour the vinegar in a measuring cup. Head towards your washing machine to start the cleaning process.

  • Take the baking soda mixture that you have prepared and add it to the detergent container of your front load washing machine. Take the vinegar and pour it into the drum. Then you have to set your washer at the hottest water setting to normal load. Start the machine after closing the door. You should let it do all the work for you. The vinegar and baking soda would break up mineral deposits and any mold growth naturally while refreshing and cleaning your front load washing machine.

  • Take a clean scrubber and rub it around the opening of your front load washing machine. You would be able to remove any unwanted residue or mold growth. Then wipe the machine clean with fresh water.

  • You would find that your front load washing machine looks sparkling clean. As a result, you can do a lot of laundry. Clean your front-loader thoroughly at least once every month. It would make your clothes smell fresh and your front load washing machine would be in a good condition always.

  • Do not forget to clean your dryer after you have cleaned your washing machine.

  • These are some great laundry machine cleaning tips that you must remember. If you are wondering how to clean home and looking for some home cleaning hacks, then you must follow the tips for front load washing machine cleaning that are listed in this article.


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