Ten home cleaning hacks that really work

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26 Jan

There are some wonderful home cleaning tips that can save you a lot of time. You need to know a couple of home cleaning hacks so that you can easily clean your house. 

Home cleaning is a basic part of our everyday life and we cannot avoid this work. However, once you know how to keep your home clean in a clever way, you won’t feel home cleaning to be a dreadful work. Let’s look at the ten home cleaning hacks that would help you immensely:

1. Laundry bag in dishwasher: You might not know, but laundry bags can work great in the dishwasher. You can place all the small items in a handy laundry bag and then place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. It is a great way to clean smaller items.

2. Remove grease stains: Stain removal is an important part of home cleaning. You can remove oil stains and greasy fingerprints from your walls with a white chalk and a damp cloth.

3. Aluminum foil balls: Aluminum foil balls are a cheap and a great alternative to dryer sheets. During your next load, toss a few aluminum foil balls which would effectively fight static cling and won’t leave any smell behind.

4. Dry the toilet brush under the toilet lid: After scrubbing the toilet, allow the toilet brush to dry under the toilet seat.

5. Dry your boots and gloves by placing a sachet of plain rice in them: A sachet of rice can absorb moisture very quickly.

6. Use a squeegee to pick up pet hair: A squeegee can yank about 50 pounds of pet hair, which would help you to clean your house if you have a pet.

7. Use a dry towel for drying faster: Put a dry towel in your dryer along with the wet clothes. The dry towel would absorb all the excess moisture and make the drying faster.

8. Bathroom deodorizer: Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner toilet roll core. Your bathroom would smell great always.

9. Use newspaper to fight garbage odors: Crumple up newspaper and place it in a fresh garbage bag. The newspaper would help absorb foul odors. You can employ this hack, especially in your kitchen.

10. Clean your blender easily: If you use your blender very often, then it’s natural that it gets messy. Fill the blender with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Turn it on for about 10 seconds and your blender would totally be cleaned.

These are ten great home cleaning hacks that you must follow to clean your house easily.


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