Tips on how to clean your germy kitchen sponge

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11 Feb

We use the kitchen sponge to clean the dirty counter, the table and also the stains on the floor. The kitchen sponge contains thousands of bacteria and therefore, it is very essential to clean the kitchen sponge effectively. 

You must clean your kitchen sponge every four days to avoid harboring spores, germs and yeasts in your sponge. Let’s take a look on how to clean your kitchen sponge effectively:

1. You must remove food scraps that have lingered in your kitchen sponge on a daily basis. Presence of food scraps will invite microorganisms.

2. Wring out your kitchen sponge properly. Keep it in some place where it can get dried completely. You must do it every day because bacteria and yeast are fond of moisture. Therefore, your focus should be to keep the kitchen sponge dry.

3. Do not clean the cutting board with your kitchen sponge, especially if the cutting board is utilized for raw meat.

4. For deep cleaning, you can opt for the microwave method. However, you must ensure that your kitchen sponge doesn’t contain metal if you are opting for this method.

  • Wet your kitchen sponge properly. You don’t need to dry it. If your kitchen sponge is made of plastic, you must place a paper towel beneath it or else it can melt in the microwave. 
  • Put your kitchen sponge in the microwave and microwave it for one minute. Microwaving the sponge for a minute will lower the count of bacteria, yeast and mold. 
  • Remove the sponge from the microwave and let it cool. Do not squeeze your kitchen sponge before it has cooled down.

5. You can alternatively opt for the dishwasher method for deep cleaning of your kitchen sponge.

  • Place the kitchen sponge into the utensil compartment of the dishwasher. Allow your kitchen sponge to remain there for the complete wash and dry cycle.
  • After the dishwasher stops, you should remove your kitchen sponge gently from it. You can be sure that your kitchen sponge now has 99.99% less bacteria and yeast on it.

6. You can also use the soak method for deep cleaning of your kitchen sponge. Compared to the other 2 processes, this method is not too effective.

  • You should wear a rubber glove for performing this method.
  • Clean the kitchen sponge thoroughly by using dish detergent and tap water.
  • Take a small bowl and prepare a solution of 10 % bleach.
  • Soak the kitchen sponge in the solution for about 5-10 minutes.

These are the ways by which you can clean your kitchen sponge effectively


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