Ways to lessen allergens at home

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03 Feb

Allergens are dangerous substances that results in allergies. The list of allergens includes house dust, feathers, spores, plant pollens etc. However, there are some ways by which you can lessen allergens at home. 

So, let’s look at the ways by which you can ensure less allergens at home:

1. Install special air filters

You can keep your indoor air free of allergens by installing special air filters in your air conditioning systems and furnace. It can remove about 95% of allergens from your indoor air. Closing windows and doors when there is an increase in the outdoor pollen counts can also help you to lessen allergens at home.

2. Wash them away

One of the best ways to lessen allergens at home is to wash them away. Whenever you return home from outside, you bring tiny particles from outside into your home. Your shoes, skin, clothes and hair are all covered with those particles. Therefore, you must take a shower to wash away the allergens. Change your clothes after a shower. This is how you can ensure less allergens at home.

3. Clean safely

You need to keep your home clean if you want to lessen allergens at home. You don’t need to clean with harsh chemicals as they can irritate your nasal passage, thereby increasing your allergy symptoms. You should clean safely with household products such as baking soda or vinegar.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner with filter

In order to trap allergens, you should use a vacuum cleaner which has a HEPA filter. If you are prone to allergies, you can hire someone who can clean your house with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Quit smoking

If you want less allergens at home, you must quit smoking and encourage the other members of your family to quit smoking too. Cigarette smoke can increase the allergy symptoms to a huge extent. You should also avoid spraying at home. The smoke from fireplaces is also a huge source of allergens. Therefore, you must avoid fumes to lessen allergens at home.

6. Keep your bedding free of allergens

To keep your bed and bedding free of allergens, you must encase your mattresses, pillows and blankets in dust-mite-proof covers. You also need to wash your pillow cases, blankets and sheets at least once a week. You should wash them in water that is heated to at least 54 C (130 F). If you have feathered or wood bedding, replace them with synthetic materials.

These are some simple ways that you help you to lessen allergens at home.


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