Revamp your wall decor with IKEA Tundra floor panels

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12 Feb

Are you ready to revamp your wall decor? Bored of your white painted wall. Give a rustic style to your home decoration by using IKEA Tundra floor panels.

Another great idea found on , that can really change not only our wall decoration, but the entire home's decoration.

IKEA Tundra floor panels are used not to be fitted on the floor, but on the wall, thus revamping the rooms decoration completely. Rustic home decor with a strange move with very beautiful result though.

In the photos below, white Besta units were also mounted in the end which make a wonderful color combination.

Rustic style decor brings warmth in our home and reminds us of cold winters. Meanwhile creates a cool feeling while being in Summer season.

ikea wall decor tundra floor panels


Tip : Keep the bottom panels nailed on the wall, in order to act as a solid base for the others that will be fitted on top. 

ikea wall decor tundra floor panels


Note: Apply all of them on the wall using wood-glue. Don't forget to get the wall cleaned out of dust or particles in prior.

After everything is fitted and steady glued, remove the bottom nailed ones and reapply the new ones using wood glue.


ikea wall decor tundra floor panels

Good luck !


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