We love modern decorated houses therefore we present you an incredibly designed house located in Barcelona, Spain.

Now that winter is bidding us adieu and spring is ready to welcome all of us, you must give your home a makeover for spring. There are plenty of ideas for decorating your home in spring 2016. 

Are you ready to revamp your wall decor? Bored of your white painted wall. Give a rustic style to your home decoration by using IKEA Tundra floor panels.

20 lovely ideas to decorate your fireplace. Take a look at the photo gallery and choose the one that corresponds to your taste!

If you love your cat, but want a chic and attractive home, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. You can choose furnishings and other items in your home that will withstand the presence of a live-in cat. 

Candles can create the most beautiful ambiance for occasions such as Christmas. There are plenty of candle decoration ideas that you can follow for your Christmas decor 2015. 

Living rooms that we all dream to have in our house. Modern design and elegance that everybody would love!

Summer is here, so we have gathered many beautiful home decor ideas for your home interior and exterior. Enjoy!