We use the kitchen sponge to clean the dirty counter, the table and also the stains on the floor. The kitchen sponge contains thousands of bacteria and therefore, it is very essential to clean the kitchen sponge effectively. 

There are some foods which you should never store in a refrigerator. Although the refrigerator helps us in preserving foods safely, there are some foods that do not respond at all to lower temperatures. 

It is a nuisance when you find ants in every corner of your house. In the kitchen or in the bedroom, ants seem to be present everywhere. 

If you love your cat, but want a chic and attractive home, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. You can choose furnishings and other items in your home that will withstand the presence of a live-in cat. 

If you do your own cleaning chores, organizing the supplies is an important part of the process. You will find that the cleaning chores are less onerous if you organize your cleaning supplies correctly. 

Front load washing machine cleaning is an integral part of home cleaning. You must know a couple of home cleaning hacks which would help you in cleaning your front load washing machine.

Famous food that are not famous about their home cleaning capabilities. Let's introduce them one by one. Do they really clean?

As a habit, most of us, place all "sensitive" food in the fridge in order to preserve it more. Truth or Myth?

A beautiful infographic about how to make your house look bigger by arranging your furniture in a quite tricky way!

Keep your bedroom closet organized with these practical ways. No need to stuff things in order to fit.